Software solutions for the structural steel industry:
ConstruSteel is an ERP & MRP software solution for structural steel companies. Experience combined with our modern company is the key to the success of our innovative software. We provide the next generation software for structural steel companies: new technology and a pre-setup system help our customers to start quickly.

The two key areas of our software solutions:

  •  MRP
    ConstruSteel MRP is a software solution for FPA: Flexible Production Automation. ConstruSteel MRP is taking care of job preparation, material nesting (bar nesting and plate nesting), CAD/CAM links to CNC machines, post processing, logistics, stock management, production time estimation, simulation of fabrication, track and trace / traceability, quality insurance, etc.
  • ERP
    ConstruSteel ERP software is taking care of cost estimating, scheduling, project management, CRM, HRM, budget control, business administration, etc.
Key functionalities:
Integration 3D BIM Tekla Structures
Integration CNC machines for 4D & 5D
Why ConstruSteel?
Pre-setup system
Modular structure
Automatic Updates
International network of customers