Construction Automation Contractor

Construction Automation Contractor(CAC) as service.

  • This is a services provided by Parascadd Pvt. Ltd. including hardware, software, Manpower and execution on Job
  • All plant construction works are of high values due to involvement of complex nature of Engineering Procurement and construction activities. Engineering is done by Design Engineering contractor (DEC), Procurement is done by owner or by PMC, or Free Issue Material by Owner/PMC and rest of the material is procured by Construction contractor. Fabrication and erection is done by construction contractor. In Between there is good need of Proper and efficient planning for optimization of all fabrication and erection activities and to reduce material wastage. This include piping cutting optimization, Proper planning of consumables, manpower within the specified time, Look ahead planning for material , manpower , consumables etc. and related all documentation, live updating of all the activities like Fit-up, Welding , NDT etc.
  • Some of the pain areas in EPC jobs are Weld mapping, fabrication planning based on material availability and priority system for fabrication, piping progress tracking (By joints and spools) during fabrication and erection stages including NDT and hydro testing. This program can facilitate the complete production planning, updating of live status of activities like production(fit up, welding , NDT etc.) through BAR CODE and WIFI / Bluetooth, all reports and related billing and commercials can be generated from the software resulting in single point solution for all requirement of Piping fabrication and erection work.
  • We at Parascadd – Efficient Automation Partner would undertake services as Construction Automation Contractor which is a link between PMC and construction contractor. This service facilitate single point resolution for all the points mentioned above and below.
  • At the end of the projects all the relevant data and documentation will be submitted to client. These data can further be used for Operation and Maintenance purpose.

For execution following infrastructure is required:

Infrastructure at Fabrication Yard/Site:

Items Description Supplied by
Hardware Server Machine with related operating system Parascadd
Hardware Client Machine with related operating system Parascadd
Database Software SQL server Database Parascadd

Space @ fabrication yard/Erection site This is to be provided by Client/PMC Client
Barcode * Printer, Scanner, Label , Ribbon, Parascadd

Planning and execution team:

  • As a thumb rule we need 2 personnel for 1 lakhs( One hundred thousand: 1,00,000) Inch Dia of Scope as mentioned below in Scope of work of Construction Automation Contractor.
  • Kindly note that the manpower will be deputed as per the requirement of the job and will be reduced/ increased in consultation of Regional Construction Manager of the PMC.
  • Travel accommodation food..
    The above price does not include any traveling, accommodation, food and all misc expenses the same will be arranged by the client for site

* BAR CODE Automation

Bar code automation will include Motorola/Zebra Scanner for long range and short range, Printer, Label, Ribbon etc.
Commercials: This is indicative price for reference purpose for Indian projects. Actual quotation with the scope will be given as per the project.
Sr. No Description Price Per Month
1 1 Man month hours @ 200 hours per month.


  • PIPING : Client, PMC,DEC
  • IDF/PCF/IPMF files from DEC/PMC
  • Engineering Isometric pdfs (pdf format) from DEC/PMC
  • Support Tag wise Bill of Material list(Excel format) from DEC/PMC
  • PMS – Piping Material specification from Engineering
  • Item code List from DEC/PMC

  • P&ID, GAD from DEC/PMC.
  • Line List/Line Designation Table (Excel format) from DEC/PMC
  • Equipment List, Instrument List, Valve list (Excel/text format) from DEC/PMC
  • Tagged Item list (Excel/text format)

  • SOR (schedule of rates) in Excel (or)Text format from Engineering.
  • MTO (excel/text) format
    PR data & PO data (excel/text) format if procurement is done using Client-in-house ERP.
Supply from Construction Automation Contractor:

  • Hardware – Server & client machines, barcode printers, Scanners
  • Software – EPCPROMAN Suite
  • Manpower – To operate EPRPROMAN Suite
Scope of work of Construction Automation Contractor:

  • Receiving IDF/PCF/IPMF files and engineering pdfs from DEC/PMC.
  • Soft Documentation of the files received from DEC.
Processing IDF/PCF/IPMF files using AUTOSPOOL software:

  • *Logically splitting Isometrics (IDF/PCF/IPMF) into spools by introducing field welds.
    (* Spool Splitting Logic shall be provided by PMC/Construction contractor)
  • Generation of Spool drawings & Erection drawings.
  • Checking and approval of the Spool drawings & Erection drawings with the source Engineering Isometric pdfs for concurrence.
    Communication with DEC/PMC.
  • Soft Documentation of Spool drawings & Erection drawings and Bill of materials.
  • Performing Matching Front analysis & submission of the MFA results to PMC/Construction Contractor.
  • *Assigning Spools for fabrication to different internal groups of Construction Contractor.
    (*List of spools to be assigned to a particular construction group shall be informed by Construction Contractor planning team)
  • Preparation of Transmittal & issuing the Spool drawings to the Construction Contractor (group) for fabrication.
  • Entering the daily Receipt of material in warehouse
  • Entering the Inspection cleared material in the system.
  • Creation of Materials issue voucher & documenting the issued materials to the contractor.
  • Creation of Fit-up reports, weld Visual reports, RT/UT/DPT/MPT reports, PWHT report, Hardness inspection report from the EPCPROMAN suite.
    (*Production data/information required for report creation shall be provided by construction contractor)
  • Generation of Line History Sheet
  • Generation of daily progress report
  • Entering the Loop breakup data into the system (*Loop breakup data in excel format shall be provided by construction contractor)
    Creation of erection reports like Spool Erection, Valve erection, Gasket/Bolt installation, Loop Mechanical clearance, Loop Pressure testing, Loop Box up etc.
    (*Production data/information required for report creation shall be provided by construction contractor)
  • Generation of barcodes for Spool Identification & monitoring.
  • Generation of component barcode for component identification & tracking.
  • Generation of Running Account Bill as per the approved format
    (* Approval of production quantity for billing shall be done by PMC/Client representative)
  • Generation of Consumable estimate report
  • Generation of Material constraint list/report
  • Generation of Material Reconciliation report
  • Generation of Material Stock register.
  • Generation of Welder performance reports
  • Generation of List of Welder penalty joints.