Connection Design for Structural Steel Work

Designing the connections in the structural steel works is the important part of EPC projects. In real life, several modifications, revisions and changes take place due to revisions in loading, geometry, unavailability of certain profiles etc. This calls for quick revisions in connections as well. Doing the same things again manually certainly consumes a lot of time. This can be easily resolved with the help of software.

In steel construction, the design of connections between various elements of a structure is complex. 

Solution from PARASCADD

PARASCADD has developed the DSTEEL software used for designing of connection for structural steel work. It does the automation of all  manual work involved in the design process. The results from the repeat trials by varying the parameters can be compared. Tailor made solutions can be supplied for a specific project. It is user-friendly and the non-fulfilment of code requirements or mismatches are immediately reflected in RED and the area which needs revision of input is highlighted.

While designing a particular connection, a 3-dimensional view is created which can be rotated and the actual scenario can be visualized. The input is provided under various categories, which immediately reflects in the 3D and the corresponding 2D views to reflect the changes.

The software is completely parametric. This helps to accommodate the revisions and see the results instantaneously.