MYAPP : Office Productivity Suite

Discover our new office productivity suite specifically designed for the process industry. We have included products like Calendar, Time-Sheets, Project Management, Equipment Management , Structure Management, Document Management with Workflow System, Digital CAD, Collaboration tools and more.

Everything Your Organization Needs
Flow Charts

Create and Manage Flow Charts for your department or whole organizational Planning

Manage events, schedule meetings for your department and organization.
Email & Communications
Manage all internal communications and collaborate seamlessly from within MyApp.
Work Breakdown Scheme for Work Distribution within your scope of administration.
Create and edit documents from within MyApp, attach them to workflows, send in email or work in collaboration. Fully compatible with MS Word.
Document Management System with workflows,approvals,and assignments conveyed to assignee via emails.
Manage customer relationships, keep track of customer communications and more features in this Customer Relationship Management module
Manage Employee Time, track time spent on specific tasks, manage leaves and offs.
Collaborate with other designers to design piping, spools, within MyApp using inbuilt Digital CAD

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