AUTOSPOOL: Piping Spooling Software

piping spooling software

AUTOSPOOL is an automatic piping spooling software, used for generating piping Fabrication, Erection Isometrics & related reports. Which is based on the convenience of Fabrication / Erection work, site requirements, spool transportability. To achieve the best international construction practices and clients requirement standard. This software generates the Fabrication / Erection construction scope in Inch Diagra, Inch Meter and tonnage. It also calculates piping cut length, piping bending length, spool weight and surface area as required in the project.


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Use of Piping Software

How does Piping Spooling Software Work ?

Features of Piping Software

  1. AUTOSPOOL is open for cutomization: Autospool can be fully customized as per specified requirements for complete integration with the existing processes. All the outputs like graphics, bill of materials, attributes or desired revision details, different lists like cut length, Inch Dia., Inch Meter, Weld etc. can be customized. Drawing templates can be customized as per the requirement by using the backing sheet customization module. Any company specific formats/ standards/logic’s can also be customized. AUTOSPOOL can further be customized for the desired spool numbering, weld numbering, weld setting, weld identifier, weld categories, drawings, reporting and much more with Inch Dia. calculation considering reinforcement pad, branch connection, O-lets and another mode of measurement factors.
  2. Barcode Compatible: Software has feature to have 1D / 2D barcodes on generated drawings.The 1D / 2D barcode representing the spool can be automatically printed on drawing or generated separately from the barcode printer. This system has an inbuilt BARCODE printing language compatible with a ZEBRA printer. And these barcodes can be scanned directly by a barcode scanner for tracking the working status.
  3. Piping Cutting Optimization: This software generate the most efficient way of pipe cutting. Which is  based on the required cutting length & the pipe material available in the store. In this way one can minimize the pipe wastage and effectively utilize the material. All cutting reports are generated and the data can be sent to the pipe cutting machine by additional customization.
  4. Consumable Estimate & Manpower Estimate: The Software generate the consumable required like O2, DA, Grinding wheel, Cut off a wheel, Argon Welding, Purging gas, Root / Final filler wire type and quantity. Root / final electrodes type and quantity etc.The Software can generate manpower planning for the work to be done in fabrication and erection based on the input available
  5. Progress Updation in 3D Model: With the integration of SPOOLMAN/ERMAN the actual progress of the fabrication, material availability, erection can be shown in the 3D model. This piping software generates 3D dwg file, containing a 3D model of the pipe with all associated progress status. This can be further viewed by any third party tool for review.
  6. Integration with third-party software: The results from the AUTOSPOOL can be sent to a third party software for further communication to a CMM machine or to another in-house customized software. We are open to creating an integration with the clients existing software. Kindly get back to us for more information on the same. This Piping software  is integrated with other modules of EPCPROMAN like SPOOLMAN / ERMAN for further fabrication/ erection/manufacturing and setting up of the material management.

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