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EPCproman : epc project management software
EPC project management software
EPCPROMAN is an integrated project Management & Project Control software solution for activity level Project Management, Project Control, Progress Monitoring, Material Management & reporting at various stages of Piping Fabrication & Erection.
EPC project management software
EPCPROMAN Provides 3D / 4D Analysis & Review Model. Watch A Video to see 3D/4D progress Analysis in action.
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EPCPROMAN is an integrated EPC Project Management & Control Software Suite. It manages different project-level activities. Likewise project planning, controlling, monitoring, controlling, reporting & material management. These activities are a part of various stages of Piping Fabrication, Erection, Material procurement, Warehouse, Pre-commissioning of systems and Commissioning of units/plants.

EPCPROMAN is widely used by Piping Fabricators, EPC Contractors, LSTK Contractors, Owners & Operators, PMC for all jobs related with OFFSHORE / ONSHORE Petrochemical, Ship Building, Oil & Gas Refineries, Power Plants, Breweries, Renewable Energies or any plant which include Piping, Steel, Concrete.

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3D / 4D Analysis & Review Model

EPCPROMAN Presentation

EPC Project Management Software Modules:

EPCPROMAN is a Project Control EPC Software wherein various modules have been designed and integrated. It will meet almost all the requirements of Engineering, Procurement, and Construction (EPC). Data flows from one module to another for Planning, Scheduling, Cost Control, Analysis and Reporting purposes 

It is a Networking Scheduling Software for Project Planning & Control (covering Time, Cost and Quantity parameters) for various phases of Project execution mentioned above. Various levels of Schedules can be prepared as per requirements.
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Item codes creation (Client specific) / standardization / mapping of engineering and procurement item codes, converting commodity code to unique item code and so on. » Read More

Various classes of Cost Estimation based on preliminary and detailed information for Bidding / Proposal purposes. Regular updation of Cost Estimate based Quoted, Ordered & Executed price. » Read More

Preparation of Piping Isometrics and Piping Spool drawings made easy based on Specs. / Rule based with MTO/BOM details. » Read More


MTO Analysis at item level including Substitution Analysis. Material tracking from MTO-MR-PO-Delivery at Construction Sites. Generation of various exception reports.


Organized Inventory with Material Tracking, “Right Material in Right Place for tracing at Right Time”. Material Management including Expediting, Costing, Analysis, Storage, Barcode/RFID, Issue, Reconciliation. Warehouse Management : MR-PO-Expediting-Receipt-Issue-Reconciliation-Stock.

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AUTOSPOOL is the Piping Spooling software. It simplify Spooling & Engineering  operations by auto Spooling. Identify Shop & Fields, Joints / Welds, for the convenience of Fabrication & Erection work. AUTOSPOOL Shows Information on spool fabrication/system wise. Fabrication & Erection management shown in form of 3D model.

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Spool Fabrication & Erection Management ensures efficiency in Plant Construction. It is a piping material, spool, and construction management software at Shops/Erection Sites useful for effective matching front analysis (MFA), work allocation, material allocation, piping material controls, tracking. Various templates for progress reporting of activities during Fabrication & Erection. » Read More

It is important module of EPC project management software, It does activity / Milestone level Planning, Monitoring & reporting of piling, foundations, superstructures, buildings, U/G Piping, Piperacks, Tech. Structures etc. including Packages. Progress reporting & monitoring. » Read More

Planning and Monitoring of Equipment Erection, Internal installation, Nozzles Fixing, Lines Connections, Testing, Painting / Insulations, Electrical & Instrumentation items installations including cabling. Progress reporting & monitoring. » Read More

Planning and Monitoring of Cross Country Pipeline works. Progress reporting through graphics (breakup & Consolidated at chainage intervals/stations) Inventory Management (receipt, inspection, consumption, utilization), detailed Joint level & Section level monitoring / review reports, Welder & WPS qualification & management, repair management, Pipe Book management, Optional Customization using Barcodes & Scanning Technology. Progress reporting & monitoring. » Read More

PROCHAL is the Risk Management Software plays vital role in EPC Projects, which identifies & categorize the risk, Do assessment & Quantification of risk.  Develop Risk Mitigation & Implementation Plans. Calculate the risk Score using empirical formulas. Risk monitor reports can be represent in specified formats like Matrix, Graphs, etc.

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Health, Safety and Environment (HSE). Various national & international approaches (terminology) being used for proper assessment of HSE measures being taken during various phases of project execution particularly at Construction Sites. (HSE). » Read More

System-wise Planning and Monitoring of Pre-commissioning & Commissioning activities for Process & Utilities systems including Infrastructure works like Building, Roads, Enabling works etc. The reporting is in various Formats like Format-I, Format-II, Format-III, Format-IV and Format-V. » Read More

Innovative Barcode / RFID technology in automatic construction works. Real-time Automation is efficiently achieved in construction works. Information being updated through Barcodes / RFID and scanning technology through WIFI/3G/4G network connections. Daily construction/production activities like cutting, kitting, fit-up / fit-up inspection, welding / welding inspection, Non-destructive testing (RT/UT/DPT/MPT), PWHT, Hardness testing, Spool clearance, spool dimension check, Piping Spool tracking using mobile devices / tablets / personal device assistant(PDA). » Read More

For creation of Project Dashboards as per requirements with intelligent search criteria and exceptional actionable reports for the Management. Generations of reports in Texts, Tabular and Graphical forms with click of buttons.
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