EPCPROMAN suite is an integrated EPC project management and project control software for sectors such as Oil and Gas, Petrochemicals, Manufacturing & Construction, etc.

epc project management and project control software

EPCPROMAN is a EPC Planning and EPC Construction Management Software widely used in disciplines like Piping, Civil, Structural, Electrical and Instrumentation, Equipment to manage the project functions like Engineering / Ordering / Tendering / Manufacturing and Delivery / Construction / Commissioning where these disciplines and functions are managing by the agencies such as Piping and Steel Fabricators, EPC and LSTK contractors, Owners and Operators, PMC’s involved in jobs related with Offshore / Onshore Petrochemicals, Ship Building, Oil and Gas Refineries, Power Plants, Breweries, Renewable Energies etc.

EPCPROMAN software is designed in an innovative way and aimed for a continuous improvement by upgrading on timely basis to meet the demand of newer industrial work practices. This EPC software helps the organisational people to talk in a way that understands by everyone and helps them to see the problems before the happening and find the right way to achieve the success.

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Various classes of Cost Estimation based on preliminary and detailed information for Bidding / Proposal purposes. Regular update of Cost Estimate based Quoted, Ordered and Executed price.

Catalogues, Specs, Preparation of Piping Isometrics based on Specs. / Rule based with MTO/BOM details.

MTO Analysis at item level including Substitution Analysis. Material tracking from MTO-MR-PO-Delivery at Construction Sites. Generation of various exception reports.

Organized Inventory with Material Tracking, “Right Material in Right Place for tracing at Right Time”. Material Management including Expediting, Costing, Analysis, Storage, Bar-code/RFID, Issue, Reconciliation.

Item codes creation (Client specific) / standardization / mapping of engineering and procurement item codes, converting commodity code to unique item code and so on.

Simplify Piping Engineering and Piping Spooling operations by Auto Spooling, identify Shop and Fields Joints / Welds, for the convenience of Fabrication and Erection work. Piping Spooling for convenience of Fabrication and Erection.

ERMAN Spool Fabrication and Erection Management

Spool Fabrication and Erection Management ensures efficiency in Plant Construction. It is a piping material, spool, and construction management software at Shops/Erection Sites useful for effective matching front analysis (MFA), work allocation, material allocation, piping material controls and tracking.

Structural Material planning and Civil MTO measurement

Activity / Milestone level Planning, Monitoring and reporting of piling, foundations, superstructures, buildings, U/G Piping, Pipe racks, Tech. Structures etc. including Packages. Progress reporting and monitoring.


Planning and Monitoring of Equipment Erection, Internal installation, Nozzles Fixing, Lines Connections, Testing, Painting / Insulation, Electrical and Instrumentation items installations including cabling. Progress reporting and monitoring.

System-wise Planning and Monitoring of Pre-commissioning and Commissioning activities for Process and Utilities systems including Infrastructure works like Building, Roads, Enabling works etc.

Key Features & Benefits of EPC Software Suite

  • Key Features

It provides Piping Spool Fabrication and Erection Isometrics, Line-wise / Spool-wise Bill of Materials, Inch Dia. / Inch Meter Summary, Weld details etc. from IDF / PCF files generated from 3D Modeling Software like PDMS, PDS, SP3D etc.

  • Key Benefits
  • Easy of retrieving Isometrics due to single point location with intelligent search option
  • Predefined logics based on ease of fabrication, storage, transportability and erection
  • Minimize waste (unusable scraps) of Pipes due to predefined rule for cutting
  • Optimum utilization of cut-pieces of Pipes
  • Separate Spool drawings to fabricate / maintain Spools as inventory item
  • Visual 3D graphics of Isometrics helps in proper decision for spool splitting
  • Establish Shop / Field Inch Dia. for ease of monitoring and reporting
  • Beneficiary Department / Team

Engineering, Project, Project Control

  • Beneficiary Organisation

EPCM/EPC/Fabricator and finally Owner

    • Key Features

    It provides analysis / reports w.r.t MTO vs.  PO/CDD/ETA/Transit/DRR/MRR and generates list of lines for which materials are fully available. It also generates lists of lines for which materials are partially available or not available at all.

    • Key Benefits
    • It will help EPCM/EPC/Fabricator to plan the work properly
    • Ensure achieving desired progress
    • Make proper deployment plan for manpower and machinery
    • Ensure optimum utilization of resources
    • Beneficiary Department / Team

    Project, Project Control, Procurement, Fabrication, Erection

    • Beneficiary Organization

    EPCM/EPC/ Fabricator and finally Owner

  • Key Features

Identification of exact material front available for fabrication and erection work. Material planning can be done based on ETA of materials for next 3-6-9 months. Material constraint list can be generated.

  • Key Benefits
  • Helps purchase team to expedite the related material procurement and delivery
  • Project Control can make proper plan
  • Ensure usage of materials against particular Spools / Lines
  • Beneficiary Department / Team

Procurement, Project, Project Control, Fabrication, Erection

  • Beneficiary Organization


  • Integrated Material Management w.r.t. MTO, PO, Shop and Store Quantities (inclusive of Consumption, Substitution, Transfer, Manufacturing and Reconciliation history)

    • Key Features

    One can Track, Monitor and Control materials at various stages like MTO, Procurement, Inspection, Dispatch / Transit, Receipt, Storage location (Warehouse), Issuance to contractors, consumption, maintaining overhead / excess issued material, reconciliation of material.

    • Key Benefits
    • Maintain optimum required material for the project.
    • Avoid material shortfall / constraints.
    • Avoid excess material purchase.
    • Manage Surplus / Excess ordered materials through Logical Substitution.
    • Provide analysis and possibility of Stock transfer between projects.
    • Helps to track Free Issue materials and Procured materials.
    • Monitor material flow with reference numbers and revision w.r.t MTO, Procurement, Receipt, Inspection, Consumption.
    • Engineering MTO Analysis w.r.t Tender as well as AFC (Approved for Construction) quantities
    • Generation of Summarized Report in Tabular Form for comparison of Tender, MTO and AFC Qty.
    • Offload / Segregation / Reallocation of Scope in case of part work done by the Contractors
    • Beneficiary Department / Team

    Procurement, Project, Project Control, Construction

    • Beneficiary Organizations


    • Key Features

    Multiple revisions of piping isometrics can be managed efficiently by transferring the progress done in older revisions to the latest revision in a controlled way. History of Added, deleted, modified, updated records at joint level and material level is maintained.

    • Key Benefits
    • Complete Control over Changes and Revisions
    • Time saving in transferring progress from old revision to latest revision
    • Helps to avoid duplicate fabrication efforts and efficient material utilization.
    • Beneficiary Department / Team

    Engineering, Project, Construction

    • Beneficiary Organizations:

    EPCM/EPC/Fabricator and finally Owner

Key Features

Individual construction activities can be planned with Baseline Schedules and Actual Progress can be updated through the system to generate planned vs. Actual “S” Curves.

Key Benefits

  • Variance report can be generated to help the team in making catchup plan and add necessary resources.
  • Forecast trend based on current working efficiency and standard efficiency. Proposed efficiency will provide planning team to complete the project / specific activity as per planned schedule.

Beneficiary Department / Team

  • Engineering, Procurement and Construction

Beneficiary Organization

  • EPCM/EPC/PMC/Fabricator and finally Owner

Who should use EPCPROMAN ?

The performance of any project is measured in terms of the Time, Cost, Quality and safety for which robust Integrated System is the pre-requisite. The integrated modules of EPCPROMAN provides the various detailed as well as dashboards reports to the Owners to understand the health of the Project of all the stages such as Pre-Execution, Execution and Closure. The key progresses will be monitored for following but not limited to;

  • Tender vs. MTO vs. AFC Qty. can be analyzed for calculating variance and take decision well in advance to manage the contracts properly.
  • Combination of Qty. as well as Cost (Weightage terms of Effort & Cost) Reporting
  • Risk Management has become part and parcel of Project Management. PROCHAL Module under EPCPROMAN identify Risks in various phases and suggest Suitable Mitigation Plans depending upon criticality of Risks.

  • Planning, Scheduling, Monitoring & Reporting for Engineering, Procurement and Construction can be done using a single platform like EPCPROMAN.
  • Resource loading both in terms of Qty. & Cost can be assigned against each Activity.
  • Tender vs. MTO vs. AFC Qty. can be analyzed for calculating Variance and take decision well in advance to manage the contracts properly.
  • Daily, Weekly and Monthly Progress Reporting can be done for each phase of project execution using only single platform.
  • All types of Materials Management is possible (MTO-MR-PO-Delivery-Issue etc.)
  • Piping Materials Management issued to the Contractors is made simple.
  • Generation of Surplus Bulk Piping Materials can be reduced to maximum extent using Auto-Substitution feature of the system.
  • In case of Offloading of certain portion of Contracts, scope can be segregated very easy and with clarity.

Some of the LSTK / EPC Contractors do have Standard / in-house Systems, however, they are not integrated, leading to mismatches at various stages of project execution. Moreover, there is understanding issues among the OWNER, PMC & LSTK / EPC Contractors in approach towards effective Project Control. It is always desirable to have one common platform like EPCPROMAN wherein integrated way of Planning, Scheduling, Monitoring and Reporting will be extremely beneficial for all the stakeholders.


EPCPROMAN addresses all the issues related to;

  • Materials Management using Barcoding / RFID. This is the need of the hour to meet extremely tight schedule maintaining high Quality.
  • Features like MTO Analysis, Item Codifications and Offloading of Scope are most important for LSTK / EPC Contractors.
  • Helps in preparation of Invoices. Approval time for Invoices will be drastically reduced, which is so critical for flow of fund and maintain the work progress.

  • Since, most of the Construction Contractors do not have proper system particularly for Piping Materials Management (both Supply and Execution) and Progress Calculation, they depend on EPCM. Hence, most of the time there is dispute in status of the job.
  • For common understanding / status of the job, one integrated common platform is necessary to avoid conflict during execution of work.
  • Construction Contractors should have robust Piping Materials Management System which will take care of all the logistics after issue of materials from the Owner’s Warehouse and issue of the same to their Sub-contractors, consumption and reconciliation thereof. Reconciliation is a very big issue.
  • It has been observed that almost all the Contractors use to manage Piping Materials and Fabrication & erection activities using Excel Sheet. It is not at all desirable because of authenticity of data. As a result Total Scope of work and Actual progress do not match.
  • Besides, Modules related to Piping work, the Construction Contractors should have Modules like CIVILMAN, STRUCTMAN, EQUIPMAN, Elect./Inst. for proper Planning, Progress Calculation and Progress Monitoring at Sites.
  • It will also help in preparation of Invoices. Approval time for Invoices will be drastically reduced, which so critical for flow of fund and maintain the work progress.

  • Since, Vendors / Fabricators obtain PO data with Specs. from the OWNER or EPCM, it is important that relevant Piping Modules of EPCPROMAN be used to facilitate activities in their Fabrication Shop.
  • EPCPROMAN will help in Planning, Tracking, Monitoring and Reporting of fabrication activities and will also help in Progress Calculation which is so important in Overall Progress Calculation of the Project. Presently, it is missing a lot.
  • EPCPROMAN will help in effective utilization of resources in Fabrication Shops.
  • EPCPROMAN will also help in preparation of Invoices for timely payment.

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EPCPROMAN is a epc software widely use in sectors such as Oil and Gas, Petrochemicals, Manufacturing & Construction, etc. for project control and management EPC Construction and EPC Construction EPC Construction EPC Construction

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