PROAPPS- Office Automation Suite


PROAPPS is a Complete Office Automation Suite for Organisation and includes Project level Planning, Network Scheduling and Control with Online Project Documents Management, Risk Management Planning/Control/mitigation and Project/Organisation HSE Management and Item Codification Management.

Network Scheduling Software for Project Planning and Monitoring

It is a Networking Scheduling Software for Project Planning & Control (covering Time, Cost and Quantity parameters) for various phases of Project execution mentioned above. Various levels of Schedules can be prepared as per requirements.

Document Management System

A Document Management System is a software system used to manage, track and store the electronic documents of paper-based information captured through the mediums like document scanner, Mailboxes, Websites, Office tools, Integration tools, etc.

Project Challenges / Risk Management)

Risk Management, Risk Identification & Categorization, Risk Assessment & Quantification, Risk Documentation (Risk Register), develop Risk Mitigation & Implementation Plans, Calculation of Risk Score using empirical formulas, Risk Monitoring & Reporting in specified formats including Risk Matrix, Graphs. etc.

Project Safety / HSE Management

Health, Safety, and Environment (HSE). Various national and international approaches (terminology) being used for proper assessment of HSE measures being taken during various phases of the project execution especially at construction sites.

Project Hold Management System


Project Hold Management System, Discipline-wise, History , Reasons, Time taken, Removal of holds, Delay analyses, Ready Reckoner, will save Time and Cost of the Projects.

Complete Office Automation Suite