Software solutions for the structural steel industry:
constructed is an ERP & MRP software solution for structural steel companies. Experience combined with our modern company is the key to the success of our innovative software. We provide the next generation software for structural steel companies: new technology and a pre-setup system help our customers to start quickly.

The two key areas of our software solutions:


ConstruSteel MRP is a software solution for FPA: Flexible Production Automation. ConstruSteel MRP is taking care of job preparation, material nesting (bar nesting and plate nesting), CAD/CAM links to CNC machines, post-processing, logistics, stock management, production time estimation, simulation of fabrication, track and trace/traceability, quality insurance, etc.


ConstruSteel ERP software is taking care of cost estimating, scheduling, project management, CRM, HRM, budget control, business administration, etc.

Key functionalities:/strong>

  • Integration 3D BIM Tekla Structures
  • ConstruSteel’s partner Construsoft is the world’s leading Tekla supplier and has almost 20 years of experience with Tekla Structures Steel Detailing/ Xsteel. Thanks to this experience a bidirectional link between 3D BIM CAD and constructed MRP job preparation guarantees maximum usage of information. Information is always accessible; during the fabrication process but also during the erection of the steel structure. Thanks to the open API of the world’s leading 3D BIM software intelligent plugins have been developed by ConstruSteel.
  • Integration CNC machines for 4D & 5D
  • constructed is introducing standard file formats for integrating with all machine suppliers. Like the DSTV+ format is used for nested bars, a new welding file format can be used for fabrication of assemblies, so independent of the CNC machine supplier. ConstruSteel MRP has an open interface for all machine suppliers. Fabrication information can be sent to machines/robots of Kaltenbach, Ficep, Voortman, Peddinghaus, etc.
  • Why ConstruSteel?
  • The software from ConstruSteel is unique in comparison to other ERP software suppliers thanks to the combination of technical and financial processes.
  • Pre-setup system
  • ConstruSteel’s software is already pre-setup for structural steel companies.
  • Modular structure
  • Because most functionalities are collected in modules it is possible to create the management system, using the modules as ‘building blocks’. It is possible to start with one module or a bundle of modules.
  • Service
  • Customers can rely on outstanding training sessions and excellent service from our helpdesk.
  • Automatic Updates
  • Updates of software and price lists (available for several steel suppliers) can be updated and installed automatically
  • International network of customers
  • Thanks to our development for our international network of customers the flexibility of our software is unique and offers the ideal solution for small and medium enterprises (SMEs) as well as bigger companies.