Project Communications

Your project teams can avoid missed deadlines using Viewpoint For Projects to more efficiently manage and track projects. It’s easy to assign tasks with overdue reminders and alert notifications. Plus, improve communication with tools to manage email and correspondence; every query or instruction process can be captured and stored and is fully searchable — even beyond the completion of the project.
Dashboards and reporting features to deliver a quick, clear view of key project metrics, which helps to easily visualize tasks and activities requiring action.
You can better mitigate risk while controlling the process and keeping tasks on track so deadlines are not missed. The user-friendly solution offers a familiar look and feel, as well as sophisticated security and permissions to meet your Kents.

Benefits Include

  • Capture, store and search for any email – even after the completion of the project
  • Ensure the right information reaches the right people at the right time
  • Secure, collaborative structure where users or groups can only see or do what you want to permit
  • Easily control processes such as AIs, RFIs, Issues, PMIs, site instructions, confirmation of verbal instructions and technical queries
  • Monitor and control KPIs and key milestones

Field Share:

Rely on the Field Share application to ensure your project teams, from field teams to senior management, are able to easily share and manage documents such as RFIs, drawings, and issues, as well as capture, upload, and distribute photos from a mobile device.