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Network Scheduling Software for Project Planning and Monitoring


PROPLAN is a software solution for Planning, Scheduling, Controlling and Monitoring the detailed level activities of the various project functions such as Engineering, Ordering, Manufacturing and Delivery, Tendering, Construction, Commissioning, Close-out etc. and displaying the progresses by Scheduled versus Actual comparisons in the graphical reportable formats.

Salient Features of PROPLAN

  • CPM based Project Network Schedules for Levels with resource loading, Generation of Critical Paths at Unit / Complex levels,
  • Alerts generation for Delayed activities in critical path, Non critical activities becomes critical due to delay, Revised estimated date/schedule of the project activities, Forecasting etc.
  • Generate dynamic schedules like 30 days / 90 days Look ahead Plan with Resource requirements.
  • Cost monitoring, reporting and control at Activity level as well as at Unit / Complex levels with forecasts based on a various scenarios. Reporting in Tabular and various Graphical charts.
  • File Comparison between the base files.
  • Percentage Progress calculation at Activity as well as Unit and Complex level.4D (3D + Time) Scheduling
  • Linking Activities Schedules with IFC 3D Models for monitoring the Critical Construction activities (if necessary) with the help of standard review and other similar software
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Features of PROPLAN

  • Plan, schedule, and control complex EPC Projects.
  • Allocate best resources to activities and track progress.
  • Monitor and visualize actual project performance versus planned performance.
  • Integration with :
    • Oracle Primavera® via XER file Import/Export
    • Microsoft Project® via XML Import/Export
    • Microsoft Excel® Import/Export


Planning Includes:

  • Dividing project into distinct activities
  • Estimating the time requirement of each activity. Establishing predecessors and successors relation of various activities
  • Displaying Gantt chart, S-curve which indicates actual work progress and pending work of the certain period of time in relation to the planned dates

SS - Curve

Gantt Chart