Software Licensing

Software standard licensing :

  • All software sold are perpetual with one year of warranty included. After one year one can optionally renew the annual maintenance contract for getting free upgrade and support.
  • Software purchased must be used on the registered postal address of the purchase order unless it is location is specifically mentioned for the delivery. Changes in the registered or site may attract transfer fees from location to location.
  • All software licensing are as per SLA (Software license agreement which is available at the start of the software installation).


  • Corporate-National-unrestricted licensing (CNUL)
  • EPCPROMAN commercial New NLM Software with unrestricted licenses. Including one year of warranty from the date of delivery of Software.
  • Corporate-National-unrestricted licensing – EPCPROMAN licenses are only be used on the customer’s projects only. Under this contract the customer will be eligible to use any no. of licenses of EPCPROMAN modules in India based on Software license agreement (mentioned in the start of the software) and from the license server based head office address of the customer.
  • Parascadd will authorized/issue dongle on one of the server in Clients Office for licenses of all module of EPCPROMAN based on dongle.
  • Sentinel HASP NET TIME 250+ dongle will be issued and authorized.
  • The licenses can be authorized based on requested quantity like 100 or 400 etc. Since Dongle is supplied the licenses will be issued on annual basis and every year this will be extended for one or two years. Licenses can be authorized permanently based on special request and confirmation.
  • Kindly note that all licenses are perpetual and time based licenses are issued for accounting of licenses theft.
  • Connectivity between licenses server and any location will be done by the client. Following are the additional facility under (CNUL).

Transit usage :

  • The client can use the software in transit for temporary purpose anywhere worldwide. Transit means temporary access of the software for showing the software facility etc… with temporary hardware like lap top during the travel/transit of employee or project personnel.
  • E.g. DEE personnel from India travel to other country for project purpose can access the software during his transit stay in that country.
  • The duration of transit can be till 30 days maximum in one year. And limitation of the licenses are 5 users per country. During transit also all licenses will be accessed from client’s office where license service is installed. Connectivity between licenses server and any location will be done by the client.


  • Corporate-International-unrestricted licensing
  • Under this we grant permission to use the software all over the world without restriction. All above mentioned licensing terms will be application and will allow access of the software internationally.
  • These are the general guide lines. Actual terms will be finalized at the time of finals discussion.