asset management

Asset Management using TRACE-N-TRACKING for EPC Industry

EPC Asset Management using RFID, Bar-code & QR Code technologies is one of the PARASCADD’s solution that performs the daily progress updation, material inventory by using Mobile application developed especially working via a WIFI, Cellular Network connection. It can also store data locally on the mobile device when offline and sync it to EPCPROMAN as soon as the network is found.

How Asset Management Works for EPC Industry

MATCONTRK-MTO Analysis at item level including Substitution Analysis. Material tracking from MTO-MR-PO-Delivery at Construction Sites. Generation of various exception reports. STOREMAN-Organized Inventory with Material Tracking, “Right Material in Right Place for tracing at Right Time”. Material Management including Expediting, Costing, Analysis, Storage, Barcode/RFID, Issue, Reconciliation. Warehouse Management : MR-PO-Expediting-Receipt-Issue-Reconciliation-Stock. PROPLAN - EPC Project Planning Software-The Project Plan is a formal, approved document used to manage EPC Project activities. Project planning documents are necessary to define, prepare, integrate and coordinate the various activities. EPC Project Planning software solution is used for monitoring activities of Engineering, Procurement, Construction and Presenting planned versus actual progress report in the form of a graph. The PROPLAN defines how the undertaking project is executed, monitored, controlled and shut. ICGP : ITEM CODE GENERATION PROGRAM-ICGP is a software for generation of new Item Code creation of equivalent Item-code as per the company norms. Item codes are generated by reading standard parameters of item description like Item type, Item sub-type, nominal size, schedule/rating, material description/material grade, thickness, diameters, special remarks etc. Item Code Generation Software follows a logical process for code generation, where a variety of rule logic’s can be created to obtain the desired new codes. Code Generation Software takes care of all Item Codification activity required for generating & updating the central library of Item-Master which is used in EPCPROMAN. ESCOBI : Plant Construction Estimating Software-ESCOBI is the plant construction bidding software solution for Estimation, Costing & Bidding of a project. Project & sub-units are defined for estimation & bidding. Multiple groups can work on the estimation, costing & bidding of a project parallel & independently through different quotations. Estimation team, Costing team, Bidding team can be maintained separately for confidentiality based on separate access rights for estimation/costing/bidding. Estimation of a project is divided into discipline wise headers like piping, civil, structural, E&I etc. Which are grouped at the project level. Disciplines are sub-divided into multiple hierarchy levels which can be further associated & interconnected with final breakup estimation items as per tender bidding documentation (SOR format). ISOMEC ( Piping Isometric Drawing Software)-ISOMEC is a Piping EPC Software used for making automatic Piping Isometric drawings, Piping Spool drawings, the Bill of materials and reporting from the outline of isometric. This specific piping drawing application for Piping Engineering takes care of the complete Isometric drawing and related documents and deliverables. The EPC Project Management Software is automated, rule-based and specification driven according to the industry standard. The dimensions and annotations are supported by all piping components with an aim to maximize automation and improve productivity. ISOMEC can achieve maximum standardization, resulting in greater productivity and profitability.