Paras Cadd offer a series of certified training courses to help our clients realise and gain maximum benefit from an investment in our software solutions. Our training courses are designed to make attendees proficient in the use and application of our technology in the shortest possible time frame. What ever your requirements, Paras Cadd can provide training or support services to suit.

Training Highlights:

scm-basics-training :

  • One machine per delegates with latest configuration, 21” inch monitor with all latest machine.
  • Training courses are available for each of the Software in the Paras Cadd product range.
  • Training for up to 14 attendees can be provided either at Paras Cadd Pvt. Ltd. Mumbai, offices or on-site at the customer’s facility.
  • Electronics copies of training materials are provided on CD-ROM.

Case studies.

  • After office hours also one can practice on the software.
  • Individual attention.
  • Each delegate will receive a training manual and supporting files. This will be useful as a reference manual after the training has finished.
  • Certificate will be awarded to each delegate who fully attends each training session, and completes all hands-on activities to a satisfactory standard after a objective test.
  • Focus on the customers required topics.
  • Lots of practice during the session.