Viewpoint for Project

Field View

  • Rely on Field View, formerly Priority, to shorten time spent recording data and managing paperwork, communicate faster with your supply chain, avoid errors via web communication, and preserve the integrity of your projects with quality assurance. This tablet-based application allows project teams to access everything they need on site, so corrective actions are delivered fast and you have the reassurance that no detail was overlooked.
  • Designed for use within a live construction project environment, Field View is a cloud-based task management tool and electronic forms and process control system that enhances workflow, mobility, and communications. Collecting site information to share with managers and project stakeholders ensures that transparency into project safety, quality and defect management is a part of every project, saving you and your client from headaches down the road.

Using Field View, You Can

  • Access your project information from anywhere with an Internet connection
  • Print less and have less paperwork, since everything within Field View is online
  • Automatically collate electronic reports for faster reporting
  • Have more consistent data capture and reporting
  • Build better audit trails because digitised ‘paperwork’ cannot be lost
  • Improve project quality and safety

Features Include:

  • Software as a Service (SaaS) delivery
  • Snagging/Punchlists
  • Health & Safety Forms
  • Quality – Progress reports, inspections
  • Commissioning, Inspections & Reports
  • Asset & Facilities Management – Inspections/audits and surveys

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