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All software sold are perpetual with one year of warranty included. After one year one can optionally renew the annual maintenance contract for getting free upgrade and support. Software purchased must be used on the registered postal address of the purchase order.

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All products of Eureka D-Soft are marketed by Paracadd Private Limited with its Head Office in Mumbai, India. The regional offices are present in New Delhi, Chennai, Bangalore, and Vadodara. Parascadd has presence in various countries including India, UAE and Singapore.


PARASCADD Private Limited is a leader in providing cost effective, knowledge based solutions and services for Engineering Procurement and Construction. We offer the best plant design solutions and services aimed at reducing design time, cutting project cost and increasing productivity.

  • Piping Isometric made easy
  • Received orders from USA from complete automation
  • All construction contractor from Gulf has purchased EPCPROMAN
  • EPCPROMAN software solution apart from EIL it has been widely used
  • EPCPROMAN software solution including AUTOSPOOL , SPOOLMAN/ERMAN, MATCONTRK/STOREMAN etc. has been approved by Technip India Limited
  • Received repeat Business/order from DODSAL E&C for the Standardization of their international projects.
  • M/s Misi Setia Oil & Gas Sdn. Bhd. (MSOG) , Malaysia has bought EPCPROMAN software solution

  • PARASCADD offers a large variety of products to cover every industry requirement.

    PARASCADD is a specialist engineering services & solutions company offering products and services across a range of Engineering, Procurement and Construction segments. Our aim is to help improve efficiency of clients and support their global footprint while fostering improved competitiveness.

    PARASCADD is active inme_img

    • Engineering Procurement and Construction
    • Project document management and control
    • Design automation & collaboration
    • Process, Plant design & Engineering
    • Structural and Concrete engineering
    • Erection and Fabrication planning & scheduling
    • Document management


    EPCPROMAN – Plant Construction Management and Control Software Product Suite:

    EPCPROMAN is a integrated software solution for Activity level Project Management, Planning and Control, Progress Monitoring, Material Management and reporting at various stages of Piping Fabrication, Erection, Material, Warehouse, Pre-commissioning of systems and Commissioning of units / plants.

    EPCPROMAN is widely used by …

    Piping Fabricators, EPC Contractors, LSTK Contractors, Owners & Operators, PMC for all jobs related with OFFSHORE / ONSHORE Petrochemical, Ship Building, Oil & Gas Refineries, Power Plants, Breweries, Renewable Energies or any plant which include Piping, Steel, Concrete.

    Software specification for planning , Material management , Fabrication and erection level control.

    Short Description:

    Specification for complete material and inventory management, Weld mapping, revision management, Activity level stage wise control with documentation at all level of Fabrication and erection and related commercial billing as per the Schedule of Rates. Advance technique like Bar code system must be used for automation.

    Detailed description:

    Weld mapping, fabrication planning based on material availability and priority system for fabrication, piping progress tracking (By joints and spools) during fabrication and erection stages including NDT and hydro testing. Updating of these activities using bar code. Revision management. This program should facilitate the complete production planning, updating of live status of activities like production(fit up, welding , NDT etc.) through BAR CODE and WIFI / Bluetooth, all reports and related billing and commercials should be generated from the software resulting in single point solution for all requirement of Piping fabrication and erection work…….

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    We offer organization centric licensing, tailor made solution for end to end complete automation.

    EPCPROMAN – Enterprise licensing – Single point automation solution for organization.
    Your single point Efficient Automation Partner – Infusing efficiency through Innovation.

    Please talk to us to enterprise level automation offering. Many organization are on enterprises licensing.


    AUTOSPOOL is an automatic piping and spooling software used for generating Piping Fabrication and Erection Isometrics and related Reports based on Fabrication / Erection site Requirements, Best Practices of International Fabrication, Client Requirement Standards.
    Sample Output…


    SPOOLMAN is a piping spool, material and construction management software at shop / site useful for effective matching front analysis, work allocation, material allocation, piping material control and tracking.
    Piping Fabrication yard / shop automation software for Activity level Project Management, Planning and Control, Progress Monitoring, Material Management and reporting at various stages of Piping Fabrication.
    ERMAN is a Erection of Pipe line, Material and Construction Management software at shop / site useful for effective matching front analysis, work allocation, material allocation, piping material control and tracking.

    Piping Erection site / yard automation software for Activity level Project Management, Planning and Control, Progress Monitoring, Material Management and reporting at various stages of Piping Erection, Test pack clearance, system Pre-commissioning and Commissioning of units / plants.
    Sample Output…


    MATCONTRK is material control & tracking from Engineering to Procurement to Construction, Look Ahead plan for fabrication and Erection. Organized inventory with perfect material tracking, Right material at right place at right time.

    STOREMAN is a complete solution to manage all the store functions for Piping, Structural,  Materials Speciality & Tagged Materials, Structure / Concrete, Equipment, E & I etc.


    STRUCTMAN is a software to handle the entire activities in steel construction. They include procurement, inspection, storage, fabrication, lay-down, erection, painting, etc. The progress of various activities is monitored and reports generated showing the status.

    CIVILMAN is a software to handle and monitor CIVIL construction work from beginning to end. All the necessary activities involved in CIVIL construction are included, recorded, their precedence, progress and completion is monitored. Any new activities if required, can be added.


    EQUIPMAN is the software solution for managing all the Equipment related activities in the Project.

    ENIMAN is used for managing all the Electrical & Instrumentation related activities in the Construction Project.



    ISOMEC is a software for making automatic Piping Isometric Drawing, Bill of material and reporting from outline of isometric. ISOMEC is automated, rule based and specification driven. Specification and catalogues are available for various international standard as follows …
    ASME B 16.5 – 2013, ASME B 16.9 – 2012, B 36.10-2004 , B36.19-2004 etc.

    If you have a requirement of specific standard and those are not supplied with the software we can build it those standard or non-standard items in the existing catalogues. Or one can also create company specific catalogues on their own using AUTOSPEC module.
    Sample Output…


    DSTEEL is a software for design of connections in the structural steel works. With the involvement of the engineer, the software helps in getting an economical and practical design. This software covers all industry requirements.
    It is based on codes. Various provisions of codes are available for reference as the context sensitive help and reference clauses are mentioned in the reports . The project specifications can also be used to control the design requirements.
    Sample Output…

    Project Collaboration

    Construction businesses in the building, energy, and infrastructure sectors find Viewpoint For Projects to be an ideal fit. That’s because all team members – owner, architect, construction manager, engineers, and subcontractors – can use the collaborative project management solution to achieve streamlined processes and clear communication.

    Piping Management System

    Puma5 is an integrated engineering IT suite that supports all the activities of the piping discipline, managing the line list, piping specification development, material management up to the generation of material requisitions. Puma5 guarantees the integrity of data improving the overall quality of the project execution, reducing the impact of costs and the delay of the schedule; Puma5 has been designed on the requirements of the major EPC contractors.


    Reliable structures, very precise drawings

    CYPECAD was brought about to carry out the analysis and design of reinforced concrete and steel structures, subject to horizontal and vertical forces, for houses, buildings and civil work projects.


    The ConstruSteel module cost estimation is used for cost estimations of steel structures, aluminium structures, roof and wall cladding, etc. All the details of construction and cladding such as: materials, hours, stock, etc. can be entered quickly and very detailed creating an instant quotation of the structure.

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