• Procurement for the Petroleum Industry
    Best-in-class Procurement Software Solution for Industrial process piping.

Software Licensing

All software sold are perpetual with one year of warranty included. After one year one can optionally renew the annual maintenance contract for getting free upgrade and support. Software purchased must be used on the registered postal address of the purchase order.

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All products of Eureka D-Soft are marketed by Paracadd Private Limited with its Head Office in Mumbai, India. The regional offices are present in New Delhi, Chennai, Bangalore, and Vadodara. Parascadd has a presence in various countries including India, UAE, and Singapore.


PARASCADD Private Limited is a leader in providing cost-effective, knowledge-based solutions and services for Engineering Procurement and Construction. We offer the best plant design solutions and services aimed at reducing design time, cutting project cost and increasing productivity. PARASCADD offers a large variety of products to cover every industry requirement.

What We Do?

PARASCADD is a specialist engineering services & solutions company offering products and
services across a range of Engineering, Procurement and Construction segments.
Our aim is to help improve the efficiency of clients and support their global footprint
while fostering improved competitiveness.

  • Engineering Procurement and Construction
  • Project document management and control
  • Design automation & collaboration
  • Process, Plant design & Engineering
  • Structural and Concrete engineering
  • Erection and Fabrication planning & scheduling
  • Document management

Manpower for software operation

Contractor to ensure and hire ( from the software supplier )the right competitive personnel at least two personnel per unit for working on the software during the complete project tenure.
The operators who will be working on the software should have knowledge of the software at a site. He/ She should be familiar with all the functionalities of the software provided and should be approved by the software supplier.

The contractor should ensure to report in the format as attached in annexure at various level Of:

  • SUPERVISION REPORTING and BILLING as per the schedule of rates.

Contractor standardization plan:

Contractor must submit detailed plan along with software execution with all detailed workflow for Store management automation, Fabrication and erection planning, Fabrication activity level control, Erection activity level control, EIL summery reports , all EIL standard formats etc. must be submitted as a part of execution planning and standardization before starting any activity on site. This may be done along with the software supplier for better coordination.

Software licensing requirement:

Contractor to purchase/use sufficient no. of licenses and should have competitive personnel for working on the same. This can be decided along with software supplier.

IT-Hardware and pre requisite ( For Software, for Bar code, scanning):

For Software : Server machine with Win server 2012 operating system with 16 GB ( or above) and for client machine Win 8.0 onwards with 64 bit operation system with minimum of 4 GB ram must be used. Microsoft office should be available for excel documentation and relevant software if any.( Pl contact software supplier for more detail).
For Barcode automation and for printing purpose : Bar Code Scanner ( short and long range) , Bar Code Printer ,printer Consumables like Labels, Ribbon, A3 Size Printer and A3 Scanner should be purchased adequately as per the requirement. WIFI should be available on fabrication yard ( if permitted).
There should be proper internet facility with the dedicated internet of minimum 4 Gbps and all the machines should have proper IT infrastructures like LAN/ WAN/ VPN and dedicated server with good configuration.

Internet speed:

There should be a proper internet facility with dedicated internet of minimum 4 Mbps or onwards.
Highlights of the software should be :

Integrated software solution for Activity level project management, planning and control, progress monitoring, material management and reporting at various stages of Piping fabrication, erection, material, warehouse, pre-commissioning of systems and commissioning of units/plants.
All the detailed activities concerned with generation of piping fabrication & erection drawings, Revision Control /Change Management, Shop Change Request (SCR) & Field Change Request (FCR),work front analysis, work distribution to contractors, material issuance to contractors, monitoring of fabrication activities like fit up, welding, NDT, PWHT, hardness inspection, surface preparation, painting, testing, transportation, storage of fabricated spools in lay down, dispatch of fabricated spools to erection site.
Monitoring of erection activities like spool erection, valve erection, support erection, Flange alignment checkup, welding & inspection clearance of erection welds, iso/line erection clearance, loop mechanical clearance, loop testing, loop pressure test, loop flushing, box up, punch point clearance at all levels, chemical cleaning of systems till final dossier submission is managed.
The various modules of the software is utilized & operated by all the interdisciplines of the whole project team like Project planning team, Site Engineering team/department, Shop Execution team, Welding team, Site Construction team , NDT (or)Quality Assurance/ Quality Control team, Warehouse management team, Painting department, Logistics department, Operations & maintenance department & management team(OWNER) etc.